The main connection point between a horse and a rider is the saddle. It is much more than just another piece of equipment and the right fit is crucial to ensure that the horse does not get harmed. You might compare it to a runner’s shoe: If the shoe does not fit well, it createspain, it slows the athlete down and it overall downgrades the performance. In the long run, it can create serious injuries.

While the runner can just articulate his concern about the shoe, the horse is not so privileged. Horses are flight animals and therefore don’t show their pain. This makes it difficult to find the right saddle in the first place and to notice when a saddle starts to create problems because the back of a horse is constantly changing. That is why Equilly creates saddle pads that are designed to measure the pressure the saddle puts on a horse’s back. With our technology, we can make invisible visible and illustrate it in a way that is easy to understand.