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Company information

  • Company name (registration name)
  • Year that the company was founded
  • Name of all the founders and their positions
  • Official webpage
  • Info e-mail
  • E-mail to all employees
  • Contact phone
  • Visiting address


  • Logotype in 1-3 alterations (text, symbol, text+symbols)
  • Deliver in the following formats: Ai (illustrator); EPS (physical print); PNG with transparent background (digital press)
  • Bonus point 1: Make an additional logotype with the inverted colours (e.g., white on black as opposed to black on white). This expands your scope of usage.
  • Bonus point 2: Make your logotype-folder accessible to press by adjusting its public settings (e.g., in Dropbox). Create a hyperlink on your website leading to the folder in question so that press easily can pick-up high-resolution logotypes without asking for your direct permission. This will lower the barrier of picking up your specific news.


  • We strongly recommend you have high resolution imagery available for the press at all times. Secure full rights to your images. Recommended imagery to have:
  • The team
  • Image visualizing technology/service
  • Bonus point 1: Illustrations of the problem you want to solve and your solution
  • Bonus point 2: Make you imagery-folder accessible to press as your logotypes above


  • Create a 100-200 words description of your business
  • Make sure to go through your text continuously so that it doesn’t become obsolete
  • See example here:
  • The text should answer to the following questions:
    - What is the problem/need?
    - What is you approach/solution to this problem/need?
    - What is the benefit of your solution?

In case you are unfamiliar with the Slack tool

Slack is the collaboration hub that brings the right people, information, and tools together to get work done. From Fortune 100 companies to corner markets, millions of people around the world use Slack to connect their teams, unify their systems, and drive their business forward.

Slack is a free chat and communication platform for companies that you can access from your computer and/or your mobile unit. 

You can download and get started with your own Slack channel here: