From virus infections to next generation drug-delivery vehicles – lunch seminar with Fredrik Höök

Virus are tiny biological nanoparticles that have evolved to parasitize on the machinery of living cells, forcing each infected cell to make multiple copies, which in turn leads to an exponential growth when neighboring cells are invaded. If we could understand how viruses manage to accomplish this task, but instead use this principle to cure diseased cells or use certain cells in our bodies as factories of drugs, medical treatment could be revolutionized.

Fredrik will in this talk present how recent discoveries have unraveled that cells within our body seem to communicate genetic information with each other using biological nanoparticles that share many similarities with viruses, except causing disease. Based on this insight, he will present the major work that is presently carried out in the industrial research center FoRmulaEx, in which Chalmers together with other universities and industry partners develop next generation drug delivery vehicles inspired by how nature has solved this demanding task. In particular, he will present how the companies Gothenburg Sensor Devices and In Singulo Solutions, which he has co-founded, contribute to nanoparticle analytics and drug discovery.

Fredrik Höök is professor in Physics at Chalmers University, where he is heading the Biological Physics Division, the SSF-funded Industrial Research Center FoRmulaEx and is Vice Head of Department for Utilization and Infrastructures. In addition to Gothenburg Sensor Devices and In Singulo Solutions, he was in 1996 co-founder of Q-Sense AB, which was the first company hosted by Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship.

Event details

Tuesday, May 21, 2019, 12.00-13:00 ( seminar starts 12.15):

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