Today’s Brown Bag Lunch: Meet former students of Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship

Don’t miss today’s Brown Bag Lunch at Veras Gräsmatta (12:00 – 12:45)! Free and open for all!

This will be a Brown Bag-lunch with a bit of a different format. A full hour when you will meet Hanna Olvenmark and Henrik Appert, two e-lumni from the School of Entrepreneuship’s Venture Creation track. They will share their experiences from school and life after graduation. What happended with the venture they had during the education, what companies are they involved in now and how did they get there? This session will have a lot of room for questions from the audience.

Hanna Olvenmark, Founder of Portionen under tian, graduated in 2015. Portionen under tian is a plattform for food that is sustainable for the environment as well as the wallet – putting an end to the myth that good food is expensive food.

Henrik Appert, Co-founder of Matteappen, graduated in 2014. Matteappen is a service for teaching classroom math that lets the students solve math problems by hand, via an ipad that corrects the work in realtime.