Startup Camp is a great kickstart for startups.

Mai Thai and Nanna Stranne has together founded Sigma Stocks, and is challenging the major banks by creating a new alternative for the Swedish fund savers. They want to make it as easy to save in shares that it is saving in funds. The goal is to create long-term active management to a minimized cost.

Sigmastocks entered the Startup camp in the spring of 2014, batch 5, with an idea and a vision. The idea was identified while conducting their Master thesis concerning Entrepreneurship at Chalmers University of Technology. They applied to the camp to transform their idea into a business. They graduated as best team together with Parakey. 

”Startup camp is a great kickstart for startups to investigate and build something of great value. The mentorship and workshops during the camp was very useful and definitively helped point us in the right direction. The feedback and insight received from the other startup teams throughout the Startup Camp was also surprisingly effective. The weekly feedback sessions, where the progress and current problems or challenges for each team were discussed, was also very valuable for our development process”, says Mai Thai. 

Since the camp, Sigmastocks has participated in the Chalmers Ventures accelerator program. 

”Being able to receive mentorship from Chalmers Ventures when you need it can be very beneficial during the early stages of a startup. The network within Chalmers Ventures has helped open many new doors and opportunities. The working environment at Chalmers Ventures is full of positive energy, which can be very uplifting and motivating”, says Mai Thai.