Promimic enters partnership with Onkos Surgical

Photo: Promimic

Promimic develops and markets HAnano Surface; a surface treatment that can be used on all implants regardless of material and geometry. Composed of crystalline hydroxyapatite particles the surface has the same shape and composition as in human bone. HAnano Surface is used clinically and has proven to significantly enhance hydrophilicity and promote osseointegration of implants. The thin surface and the innovative coating process give an exclusive product and a true differentiator in the market place.

Partnership with Onkos Surgical

Promimic has now announced a new partnership with the American company Onkos Surgical, to use the company’s surface treatment to further develop and commercialise bone implants. Promimic received FDA-approval for their HAnano Surface treatment in 2017, which has allowed for this new partnership.

Further reading

The partnership is further explained in this article by Biostock. You can also access more information about Promimic at their website

Promimic is a portfolio company to Chalmers Ventures AB