Potato Plastic, Lucero Bio, Elin Tornblad and Chalmers Ventures – finalists in Nordic Startup Awards.

Nordic Startup Awards is part of the Global Startup Awards which is the biggest independent startup ecosystem competition with the mission to find, recognize and connect the future-shapers of the digital age from all around the globe. Last week Nordic Startup Awards’ announced the regional finalists and amongst them we find Potato Plastic and its founder Elin Tornblad, Lucero Bio and last but not least – Chalmers Ventures!

Nominated: Best Newcomer

Potato Plastic. Potato Plastic is a form of biodegradable bioplastic made from potatoes and water. With this plastic, you can make cutlery, bags and other single-use items. While items made of traditional plastic will last for 450 years, Potato Plastic will dissolve in two months if it ends up in nature.

Learn more about Potato Plastic at www.potatoplastic.se.
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Nominated: Founder of the Year

Elin Tornblad. In addition to receiving a nomination for Potato Plastic – its CEO & Co-founder Elin Tornblad is nominated in the category ‘Founder of the Year’.

Learn more about Potato Plastic at www.potatoplastic.se.
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Nominated: Best Healthtech Startup

Lucero Bio. The goal of Lucero is to create autonomous micromanipulation solutions for biological applications integrating optical manipulation, microfluidics, and machine intelligence. Single-cell analysis is critical in many biomedical applications, such as clinical trials, in-vitro fertilization, forensic analysis, and single-cell omics.

Learn more about Lucero Bio at www.lucerobio.com.
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Nominated: Best Incubator or Accelerator Program

Chalmers Ventures. We are also happy to announce that Chalmers Ventures is nominated in the category ‘Best Incubator or Accelerator Program’!

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Next up – Finals!

The journey now continues to the Nordic Startup Awards finals on November 26th. Don’t forget to vote!