Morning boost with Christian Berg from Paliscope

Internet, Darknet, Social Media, Open Source Intelligence… How does it work?

How can you solve crimes with the latest AI technologies and the challenge of keeping up with the different trends online

Paliscope is a leading company when it comes to utilize the latest AI technologies to help investigators around the world to solve crimes. How does it work and what are the drivers behind Christian Berg, former Chalmers Student who co-founded three companies around intelligence and investigations of crimes.

Listen to Christian Berg when he tells the story about Paliscope, a company based in Gothenburg and how it is to work with intelligence units and follow the different trends online.

About Christian Berg

Christian Berg is the serial entrepreneur that co-founded three companies, all in the field of intelligence and investigations of crimes. 2002 he graduated from Chalmers School of entrepreneurship and beside starting and running his companies he lectures in entrepreneurship, is a Co-author of books about Social Entrepreneurship as well as about Sustainable Business Development. Christian has also been nominated Entrepreneur of the year by Ernst & Young.

About the event

08.00 The door opens and we start by serving a lighter breakfast with coffee/tea
08.15 Presentation by Christian Berg
08.45 Q&A
09.00 End

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