Mevia secures a 4 MSEK round

Chalmers Ventures has made an additional investment in Mevia, in a round of 4 MSEK in total. The target is increased marketing and sales, and further development of devices and the IT system. Mevia develops intelligent packages for the healthcare industry, connecting patients, healthcare and relatives to benefit from personalized healthcare.

Mevia AB was founded in January 2014 after having been run at Chalmers school of entrepreneurship.They work with intelligent pharmaceutical packages that originated from Stora Enso, and they have already delivered to a couple of customers.

– Our main objective is to help patients increase their adherence to medication – taking the right pill at the right time. Therefore we realised that the package is an essential part in the solution but we found that we needed to build a larger platform where we could connect to patients and help them out in a non-invasive and simple way, says CEO Jesper Hassel.

From that point forward they progressed from being a purely packaging focused company to a company that can be more seen as an IT company with physical products. Having had their first larger tests during 2015 they are now in a phase of testing the second generation of the Mevia system which is to be launched during 2016. The vision is to make medication simple, to support individuals to follow medical prescriptions and improve health outcomes by providing real-time support connected to how the patient is taking their medication. 

– Essentially we have two major challenges that we need to overcome, says Jesper Hassel. The first and greatest challenge has been to develop a system that works in real-life and not just as a concept. The second biggest challenge has been, and I believe will be the biggest for the coming year, is selling a new concept from a smaller company to some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world.