Lucero wins Acceleration Pitch 2020!

For the third consecutive year we arranged Venture Day. An event dedicated for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Gothenburg and an homage to the incredible startups that are in our Accelerator. 

The highlight of Venture Day is the Acceleration pitch competition where the contestants compete for a prize of 50 000 kr. Previous winners include Amferia and Alpha Therapy Solutions. This year’s competing companies are Eperoto, Lucero, Potato Plastic, Salesbyte, Scaffcalc, Vividye and Wavi.

Normally an audience of around 150 people decides on the winner. This year, however, we recorded each team’s pitch and allowed our digital followers to conclude on a winner. In a bit over two days, we gathered just over 1600 unique votes from people all around. Click here to see all the pitches!

Lucero is the winner with 350 votes (21,8%)

When we finalized the vote count, we could confirm that Lucero stands as the winners with 350 votes (21,8%)! The game was very narrow with 5 companies exceeding 250 votes.

Winning the Acceleration Pitch 2020 is such an honor because we competed with other great startups, the quality of the pitches was really high. Chalmers Ventures has been an important actor during our journey and we expect more good moments to come. Now the whole team is in Gothenburg ready for prototype development and excited about all the potential of the project, and the benefits it could bring.” – Christopher Jacklin, Co-founder of Lucero

Lucero Bio was founded earlier this year and their goal is to create autonomous micromanipulation solutions for biological applications integrating optical manipulation, microfluidics, and machine intelligence. See below for the winning pitch with co-founder Christopher Jacklin.


For more information about Venture Day and all competing startups – click here.