Kristina Lagerstedt, CEO and Co-founder of 1928 Diagnostics, interviewed by DiTV

As businesses have speeded up their operations in response to the Covid-19 crisis, the pandemic could be the launching point for a massive acceleration when it comes to medical innovation, with biology meeting technology in new ways.

Gothenburg-based 1928 Diagnostics is a health tech company that provides a cloud-based software for infection control, epidemiologic typing and antibiotic resistance profiling. Their easy-to-use software service for microbiology labs is translating DNA into actionable results. Used by hospitals, public health and research organizations.

In an interview with DiTV, CEO Stina Lagerstedt explained that DNA sequencing technology has become further accepted as a result of the broad operational response to the covid-19 pandemic. A development that could favor the company going forward in their battle against antibiotic resistance.

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1928 Diagnostics is a portfolio company to Chalmers Ventures