Isabella Palmgren, CEO Mimbly, in Forbes 30-under-30-list

Every year Forbes list 30 individuals under 30 years of age that has excelled within specific fields. In the category ‘Social Impact’ specifically, they bring forward individuals who systemically and sustainably transforms education, business and beyond. This year the CEO of Mimbly and entrepreneur Isabella Palmgren made the list.

Mimbly design and develop innovative solutions aimed to change unsustainable behaviours, with a focus on laundry.

Their impact entirely depends on people and businesses to adopt and use their solutions. Therefore, they strive to make their products intuitive, easy and pleasant to use, the way sustainability should feel. They also incentivise their users with economic benefits when possible.

There is not only one way towards sustainability, and a multitude of innovations are needed. The mimbly team is always on the lookout for new projects that can make a difference and lower the environmental footprint we leave behind.

Learn more about Mimbly here.