Gothenburg Futchi Cup

This autumn, the first tournament ever in the popular football game Futchi is arranged: Gothenburg Futchi Cup 2016. The sport can be described as a version of football-squash and has been adapted to be played in the backyard at home as well as with the team at practice. Not only is the sport an unique version of football, Gothenburg Futchi Cup 2016 is also Sweden’s first app-based football cup. More than 20 clubs in the Gothenburg area are competing, and the tournament is played by youths between 13-18 years old. 

As we all know, the world of football are very welcoming, warm and one of society’s best integration tools. Gothenburg Futchi Cup will not only be played by football clubs around Gothenburg, but also homes of unaccompanied refugee children will create teams and participate. Just as players in clubs, they signs up for their team, then they will register and compete on the same terms as the rest of the tournament players. Best player in each team (refugee home or football club) qualifies to the finals on September 17.

Futchi makes football accessible and fun for all people regardless of ambition, skill and age. Futchi will, like football, bring together people from different backgrounds, improves young people’s health and strengthens the individual’s self-confidence, and by Futchi we hope to spread these qualities to even more people.