Get your antibiotics against your urinary tract infection in your mobile and avoid queuing in hospitals.

 In Sweden alone, over 700.000 medical prescriptions are generated due to urinary tract infections each year. 

In tax based medical health care systems like ours, the main problem lies with the waiting times.
No one would like it to continue this way. Politicians wants to lower costs and reduce the ward lines.
Doctors aspires to free time for more skilled work which will both lower costs and reduce these ward lines.
Patients prefer quick treatment, but also less time away from work. This will in turn increase the tax income for the politicians.
Our company Urinkollen focuses on simple urinary tract infections in women since it’s one of the most common diagnosis piling up ward lines at primary care centres of today. Paradoxically this diagnosis could and should, according to scientific guidelines and consensus, be diagnosed and treated without any clinical examination or urinary tests.
We know this area well, not only because we are both medical doctors and women ourselves. We have also asked many others. Many. 85 % of them say that they would use our service today!
Urinkollen gives women the opportunity to do a medically validated question based test on the web or on their mobile, that will generate an immediate prescription if diagnosed. 
In seconds.