First weekend workshop of Startup Camp 2020!

The first workshops of the new season of Startup Camp was held at Chalmers this weekend. With a record-breaking amount of applicants, 22 fantastic teams had been selected to participate in the Camp this season.

What is Startup Camp

Startup Camp is a program run by Chalmers Ventures which aims to help entrepreneurs develop their business ideas. Any team (minimum of two members per team) with a tech-based idea, that is motivated and strives to solve a problem is welcome to apply.

The camp is based around two fully stacked qualifying weekends with tailored workshops, pitch training, and individual coaching. With 20+ teams selected for the first weekend of workshops, the group is gradually narrowed down to five that in the end are given the chance to pitch for a spot in our award-winning Accelerator. The second leg of the qualifying rounds this year, to which 10 teams will proceed – is scheduled at the end of March.

Learn more about Startup Camp here. 

Are you considering starting a company? Visit Open Coaching!

We often get the question of how ideas or startups can access our programs. It is also common that entrepreneurs are in need of someone to bounce ideas on and ask a couple of questions. That is the reason why we launched the concept of Open Coaching.

Every tuesday between 15:00-16:00, we invite people to our office for a 15 min sit-down with one of our experienced business coaches to discuss your idea. Get instant feedback and further guidance on how to apply to any of our programs. Open Coaching is a pure discussion and no strings attached deal. So, just show up and meet up with one of our coaches.

Learn more here.