Enatics and Vnu wins the Chalmers Venture Launch 2016.

Tonight the Chalmers Venture Launch was held. During a year, 9 teams from the Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship have developed ideas with the goal of creating sustainable growth companies. They had 5 minutes each to describe to the audience what problem they adressing and what is the solution that their comapany are offering.

Enatics and Vnu was announced the winners of the Encubation award with the motivation that they have had a strong development during the year and with a positive attitude. 

An additional award was presented, the best pitch award where the audience had voted for the best pitch. The winner was Modvion that offers a ground breaking technology enabling tall wind power towers to be constructed in a modular way.

About Enatics:
Enatics Sports are developing algorithms that will analyze table tennis players movements based on sensor technology, enabling the players to for example track their progress and performance. We also provide the equipment manufacturers with a direct communication channel to the end-user, enabling targeted marketing, satisfaction feedback and creation of new business models.

About Vnu:
Vnu is the the digital replacement for mechanical tally counters. By capturing and storing data in real time, Vnu enables their customers to become more data driven, enabling decisions and predictions based on data instead of gut feeling. Vnu’s initial target are nightclubs, but also sees potential in additional markets.

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