Bild: Techarenan

Elypta elected Start-up of the year in the Serendipity Challenge

Bild: Techarenan

Press release from Elypta, 2019-07-02: 

Elypta participated in the Serendipity Challenge finals at Techarenan in Almedalen, Visby – a focal point for Swedish industry and policymakers at an annual gathering in July every year. Elypta was one of 50 selected start-ups among over 400 applicants.

Following initial pitches to a jury of investors and subsequent presentations by the top 7 companies to the audience at Techarenan, Elypta was awarded Nordic Start-up of the year for its rapid progress towards introducing novel biomarkers for early detection of cancer. The competition is in its 5th year and attracts start-ups from across sectors, focusing on Tech.

The award is a great recognition for the efforts of the team over the last year.

Company background

Elypta is developing an exceptionally sensitive liquid biopsy platform for early detection and monitoring of cancer. Elypta’s assay kit enables measurement of a novel panel of biomarkers and algorithms in Elypta’s cloud-based softwareprovide clinically useful scores. The first application on the market will be a blood test for early detection of recurring or progressing cancer, starting withrenal cell carcinoma. The test will increase the chance of curative treatment for patients. In the last 6 months Elypta has achieved several significant accomplishments including receving € 2,35 million from EU Horizon 2020 for clinical trials.

Accomplishments in 2019