Cleantech Matchmaking with #GreenUps at Veras Gräsmatta!

The largest cluster of sustainable companies in Northern Europe.

#greenUps is a cluster of cleantech and greentech startups and SME’s of western Sweden. Its members are driven entrepreneurs that through innovative services and ingenious technologies have the mutual goal to change polluting, fossil dependent, inefficient ways and behaviors into more sustainable ones.

Cleantech Matchmaking at Veras Gräsmatta

A key part of what #greenUps do for their members is to connect a vast network of inspiring entrepreneurs through events that range from niched educational workshops to investor meetups and gatherings. Earlier today #greenUps hosted ‘Cleantech Matchmaking’ at Veras Gräsmatta. The theme for this event was ‘Small meets big’ – with larger corporates attending, as well as exciting cleantech startups and SME’s from around the Nordics.

The objective of the afternoon was primarily to tie new contacts and uncover possible emerging synergies by combining the innovativeness of a fast-moving startup or SME with the market knowledge and needs of a larger, corporate company. An ideal opportunity to establish new partnership and valuable contacts to the visitor’s respective networks.

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