Startup Camp

Många vill lära sig om entreprenörskap

tisdag, 24 januari, 2017

Inför nästa omgång av Startup Camp kommer Chalmers Ventures hålla i 4 öppna seminarier där de lär ut verktygen till vad som krävs för att bolagisera en affärsidé. Över 200 personer har bokat upp sig för att lära sig mer om entreprenörskap. Varje år arrangerar Chalmers Ventures Startup Camp som är ett 10-veckors intensivprogram. Personer och […]

12 frågor och svar om Startup Camp.

tisdag, 10 januari, 2017

Snart är det dags igen för nästa omgång av Startup Camp. Carl Josefsson som är ansvarig för programmet  svarar på 12 frågor och berättar mer om själva Startup Camp och hur vi arbetar.  1. Vad är Startup Camp? Startup Camp är ett 10-veckorsprogram som ger dig möjligheten att gå från en idé till starten av […]

Urinkollen wins the Startup Camp.

onsdag, 15 juni, 2016

Today it was time for the Startup Camp Demo day. 9 finalists entered the stage and had 3 minutes to explain what problem they are solving, their solution and market potential.  The winner was Urinkollen that has a unique service that helps woman get prescription against urinary tract infections by doing a medically validated question based test […]

Get your antibiotics against your urinary tract infection in your mobile and avoid queuing in hospitals.

torsdag, 26 maj, 2016

 In Sweden alone, over 700.000 medical prescriptions are generated due to urinary tract infections each year.  In tax based medical health care systems like ours, the main problem lies with the waiting times. No one would like it to continue this way. Politicians wants to lower costs and reduce the ward lines. Doctors aspires to […]

Hej barn! has been accepted to the Chalmers Ventures accelerator program.

fredag, 20 maj, 2016

Maria Laura Kristenson och Ursula Ortiz founded the site and participated in the Chalmers Ventures Startup Camp fall of 2015. They have now been accepted to the Chalmers Ventures Accelerator Program and will put all of their focus on launching their tools to help families with children find fun activities in their hometown.  Read more…(SWE) […]

50 excited entrepreneurs in the spring edition of Chalmers Ventures Startup Camp.

måndag, 21 mars, 2016

The Startup Camp has started for the ninth time in a row now. This spring we have loaded the Startup Camp with 19 teams that will develop their ideas and learn more about entrepreneurship during 15 weeks. Teams are applying to the Startup Camp with their your own ideas and for 15 weeks they will get […]

TRINE launches it’s own investment platform.

måndag, 22 februari, 2016

Last week TRINE launched it’s own investment platform and Breakit had a chat with CEO Sam Manaberi. The first project on the platform will provide fishers in Uganda with solar energy. The local partner, Onelamp, recently won African Rethink Awards during COP21 and are now designing solar fishing lights for the fishing villages, since fishing […]

3 quick questions to the former Startup camp champion Sam Manaberi.

onsdag, 17 februari, 2016

SAM MANABERI, TRINE   Sam attended the startup camp, batch 6, Fall of 2014. He has since the camp become the social entrepreneur of the year 2015 and his company Trine has made it in to the top 25 nordic clean tech open. Sam has also become one of Swedens 101 super talents by Veckans […]

Bowlingtracking won Startup Camp

tisdag, 1 december, 2015

Robert Andersson, a multiple world champion in bowling, and Nigul Ilves, M.Sc. in Engineering Physics, won first prize in this autumn Startup Camp at Chalmers Ventures. Under the name Bowlingtracking, they have developed a measuring instrument that helps bowlers to develop in their training. The award consists of an entreprenurial trip to the United States, […]

Startup Camp demo day may 19th

tisdag, 31 mars, 2015

80 teams applied, 11 were selected. 10 weeks have passed. It’s time to pitch!Great pitches, cool speakers, winners announced, and party afterwards!May 19th 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. Scandic Hotel Rubinen. Register for your free ticket now: Demo Day is part of #gbgtechweek