Gothenburg Futchi Cup

måndag, 5 september, 2016

This autumn, the first tournament ever in the popular football game Futchi is arranged: Gothenburg Futchi Cup 2016. The sport can be described as a version of football-squash and has been adapted to be played in the backyard at home as well as with the team at practice. Not only is the sport an unique […]

Kombridge AB acquires by Tele2 IoT

tisdag, 23 augusti, 2016

Tele2 IoT acquires Chalmers Ventures’ portfolio company Kombridge AB with the aim to strengthen their position within IoT security. Kombridge started in 2010 and have had a steady and organic growth since 2012. CISF (Chalmers Innovation Seed Fund) made an early investment and Kombridge have focused on taking a position in the rapidly growing market […]

Angela Wulff takes algae research from academics to business.

måndag, 25 juli, 2016

I reach professor Angela Wulff as she is packing her bags for an upcoming expedition. –    Nothing too exotic, just Askö in the Baltic Sea, says Angela while recovering her phone from under the layers of things she will need when away from home. She usually goes on at least one expedition per year, sometimes […]

Masters program plus project equals structuring skills for Evelina.

måndag, 27 juni, 2016

It took Evelina Wängberg a few years of travelling and odd jobs to figure out what she wanted to become when she grew up. When she finally sat down with a catalogue of Chalmers programs, she went for biotechnology. Sure it was interesting enough, but Evelina realised she was a bit too impatient for the […]

24 percent of Swedens largest realestate owners are using Metry to take care of their energy statistics.

onsdag, 22 juni, 2016

The magazine called Fastighetsvärlden recently published their yearly list of the 50 largest realestate owners in Sweden and we are proud to announce that almost one fourth of the real estate owners on the list are using Metry. More and more property owners are making their energy statistics digital. With more data and increased potential […]

Enatics and Vnu wins the Chalmers Venture Launch 2016.

tisdag, 31 maj, 2016

Tonight the Chalmers Venture Launch was held. During a year, 9 teams from the Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship have developed ideas with the goal of creating sustainable growth companies. They had 5 minutes each to describe to the audience what problem they adressing and what is the solution that their comapany are offering. Enatics and Vnu […]

Sportlala recruits the former CEO of Team Sportia.

tisdag, 31 maj, 2016

Sportlala recruits the former CEO of Team Sportia, one of Swedens largest sport retailers. Anders Edvardsson will be taking on the role as Head of Partnerships and develop relationships with suppliers and retailers. ”I have been in this business a long time and have seen first hand the amount of capital locked into last seasons […]

Micvac’s first customer take the lead again.

torsdag, 28 april, 2016

The Swedish company Gooh (short for good and healthy) was the very first company to adopt the Micvac method, and it launched a range of premium chilled ready meals back in 2005. Today, they are first again – launching new premium recipes in a two-compartment tray. There will be two new recipes, Chicken Red Curry […]

50 excited entrepreneurs in the spring edition of Chalmers Ventures Startup Camp.

måndag, 21 mars, 2016

The Startup Camp has started for the ninth time in a row now. This spring we have loaded the Startup Camp with 19 teams that will develop their ideas and learn more about entrepreneurship during 15 weeks. Teams are applying to the Startup Camp with their your own ideas and for 15 weeks they will get […]