Chalmers Ventures

The Open Source Venture Capital.

tisdag, 8 mars, 2016

What if, a tier one venture capital firm with the best deal-flow there is, would share all its cases, including the most promising ones, with any other investor? And What if this VC also shared its analytics and investment mapping hypotheses? Its all about sharing. We have already experienced the power of sharing assets like […]

LumenRadio takes in investment and aims to become a world leader.

måndag, 29 februari, 2016

Chalmers Ventures via Chalmers Innovation Seed Fund invests in LumenRadio together with Almi Invest and Latour Industries AB, who enters as a new partner. This opens the possibility to enter new markets and industries.   LumenRadio is a global partner in wireless connectivity. They have been leading the wireless transformation within the lighting industry and are […]

TRINE launches it’s own investment platform.

måndag, 22 februari, 2016

Last week TRINE launched it’s own investment platform and Breakit had a chat with CEO Sam Manaberi. The first project on the platform will provide fishers in Uganda with solar energy. The local partner, Onelamp, recently won African Rethink Awards during COP21 and are now designing solar fishing lights for the fishing villages, since fishing […]

Trend report: Sharing economy for real.

måndag, 1 februari, 2016

The Internet has clearly changed our lives and the way we do business, all this in just two decades. And, this is just the beginning, the real network effect lies ahead of us and will happen once “node-to-node” sharing are fully implemented. Sharing distributed, ledger technologies like “Linux Open Ledger” or “Blockchain” creates exactly these network effects. Making authorization, ownership and authentication embedded into the network DNA, reinventing the way value and risk are shared between counterparts on the Internet. This will undoubtedly create new disruptive business models and offer an entirely different way of engaging in commerce.

Promimic launches dental implants with S.I.N.

torsdag, 28 januari, 2016

Promimic announced today that the company’s strategic partners Sistema de Implante Nacional (SIN) has initiated the launch of the first dental implant coated with Promimic’s implant surface HAnano Surface. The implant is launched at CIOSP, the second largest dental trade show in the world, which is currently ongoing in São Paulo with over 100,000 visitors. Read the press […]

Chalmers Ventures recruit serial entrepreneur Johan Sköld

tisdag, 15 december, 2015

Chalmers Ventures continues its expansion by recruiting the serial entrepreneur Johan Sköld, who will be responsible for developing the revenue side in the value creation. Johan has an over 20 years long successful career within ICT and comes most recently from the Executive Management Team of Knowit.

Learning by failure.

onsdag, 9 december, 2015

To succeed and create the best conditions for entrepreneurship, we need to learn and leverage from previous experiences, both successes and failures. Sweden has great potential as a country of entrepreneurship, so it’s been a long time and ever since, today’s successful export companies were founded by passionate entrepreneurs. And Sweden is at the forefront and […]