Ridsportsappen Equilab tar in 3,5 miljoner för tillväxt

tisdag, 27 juni, 2017

Appen som ger smart återkoppling till ryttarna genom att analysera hästens rörelser tar in 3,5 miljoner för att nå utövare i fler länder. Investeringen kommer från Chalmers Ventures samt affärsänglarna Ted Nelson och Erik Fischbeck. Målet är att göra det enklare att utvecklas som ryttare, oavsett nivå eller disciplin. Bolaget fick en flygande start då […]

Louise Brudö press

Louise Brudö blir affärscoach och ny positiv kraft på Chalmers Ventures

fredag, 2 juni, 2017

Louise Brudö har gjort resan från startup till exit. Nu vill hon hjälpa andra bolag inom online och e-commerce att göra detsamma. Den 1/6 tillträder hon som affärscoach och blir även ansvarig för att utveckla Chalmers Ventures acceleratorprogram. ”Jag älskar startups, det som bubblar, och jag vill vara i den världen” säger Louise med uppenbar […]

Swedish Algae Factory tar in 3,5 miljoner från bland andra Chalmers Ventures

tisdag, 9 maj, 2017

Swedish Algae Factory tar in ca 3,5 miljoner kronor i en ny investeringsrunda. Chalmers Ventures och ALMI Invest står för vardera 1,5 miljoner, och KIC InnoEnergy för resterande summa. I samband med detta har bolaget även beviljats ett bidrag på 1,7 miljoner från Energimyndigheten. Swedish Algae Factory har prisats otaliga gånger för sitt arbete med […]

TRINE is announced as a Climate Solver 2016 by WWF.

fredag, 20 maj, 2016

WWF has identified twelve early stage Nordic entrepreneurs with innovations and commercial offers that could reduce the equivalent to all Nordic countries worth of domestic annual emissions in ten years time. Swedish impact fin-tech startup TRINE. “Electricity changes everything.” That’s the tagline of TRINE, a clean-tech start-up and Nordic Climate Solver honoree. Local small scale […]

Hej barn! has been accepted to the Chalmers Ventures accelerator program.

fredag, 20 maj, 2016

Maria Laura Kristenson och Ursula Ortiz founded the site and participated in the Chalmers Ventures Startup Camp fall of 2015. They have now been accepted to the Chalmers Ventures Accelerator Program and will put all of their focus on launching their tools to help families with children find fun activities in their hometown.  Read more…(SWE) […]

Lejonapa wins Venture Cup Regional final.

fredag, 13 maj, 2016

Last night the Venture Cup regional final was held at Liseberg Theatre and Lejonapa was announced the winner in both their category ”people and society” as well as the total winner.  Lejonapa provides an innovative queuing solution that reduces the time all your visitors stand locked in long lines allowing them to enjoy more of what the […]

Fintech company Sigmastocks in cooperation with Nordnet and Avanza.

måndag, 25 april, 2016

The large banks better watch out when Sigmastocks start to cooperate with Nordnet and Avanza. The purpose is to help individuals replace expensive and traditional funds with very simple and cost effective stock investements.  Funds has for a long time been critizied for its high fees. The best thing for the savers is to get […]

Wavetube competing at Power Circle Summit.

onsdag, 9 mars, 2016

Wavetube was selected to the Innovation race at Power Circle Summit. The Innovation race consists of 10 start ups that presents a 3 minute pitch to an audience that will wote for the top 3 finalists. They will be competing on 3 criterias, innovativeness, business potential and the potential to contribute to the development for […]

TRINE launches it’s own investment platform.

måndag, 22 februari, 2016

Last week TRINE launched it’s own investment platform and Breakit had a chat with CEO Sam Manaberi. The first project on the platform will provide fishers in Uganda with solar energy. The local partner, Onelamp, recently won African Rethink Awards during COP21 and are now designing solar fishing lights for the fishing villages, since fishing […]

Pickador makes Twitter interesting again.

tisdag, 2 februari, 2016

The winning team of the Startup Camp launches the app Pickador on App Store to solve the problem of information overload on Twitter. Pickador’s mission is simple, to engage everyday users to get more out of their Twitter feeds by adapting and  ltering the content to its users. Read more…(ENG) Läs mer…(SVE)