Aquammodate has been recognized as a finalist in the Ray of Hope Prize®, a $100,000 prize competition presented by the Biomimicry Institute.

Press release Aquammodate, 2021-05-20: 

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN, May 20, 2021 – Aquammodate is proud to announce it has been recognized as a finalist in the Ray of Hope Prize®, a $100,000 prize competition presented by the Biomimicry Institute. Nature’s finest water purification boasts up to 100x productivity at 100% selectivity for the same energy input as today’s desalination. Aquammodate leverages ocean-based stabilization of natural components to put existing membranes on par with natural performance, envisioning affordable, sustainable production of safe drinking water from the ocean.

As membranes are also used in water treatment, Aquammodate’s component has the potential to cost-effectively prevent small pollutants, such as pharmaceutical residues, metals, and microplastics, from being released into rivers, lakes, and oceans through wastewater streams. This will benefit marine ecosystems and cut costs for various industries.

“Aquammodate’s bio-inspired solution has the potential to transform the water purification process, with applications across a number of key industries. The impact to be made by their technology in low footprint desalination and wastewater treatment is particularly exciting,” says Ross Brooks, Investment Manager at Katapult Ocean AS.

Out of 301 applications, spanning 49 countries, Aquammodate has been recognized as one of the top ten companies in the running for the $100,000 prize, which will help the winning company accelerate their path to commercial success. The Biomimicry Institute’s expert selection committee will decide which nature-inspired startup will take home the prize on June 15 at Circularity.

The technology was spun out from Chalmers University of Technology in 2019 and is currently tested with industrial partners in collaboration with Aquammodate’s impact-driven and diverse team of 7 people. The potential of achieving nature-like purification performance and lowered fouling propensity using the company’s powder additive has spurred significant interest from both industry and investors.

“We are humbled to be recognized as a finalist in the Ray of Hope Prize and will capture this opportunity to expand our network of partners in the U.S. Leveraging biomimicry to achieve sustainability is at the heart of our team’s efforts and key to solving global problems, and we are excited to interact with like minded finalist cohort companies while competing for this important prize!” says Simon Isaksson, Aquammodate CEO.

Aquammodate is actively looking for strategic value developers and partners interested in joining our journey to accommodate the world’s need for clean water.

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Aquammodate is a portfolio company to Chalmers Ventures