50 excited entrepreneurs in the spring edition of Chalmers Ventures Startup Camp.

The Startup Camp has started for the ninth time in a row now. This spring we have loaded the Startup Camp with 19 teams that will develop their ideas and learn more about entrepreneurship during 15 weeks.

Teams are applying to the Startup Camp with their your own ideas and for 15 weeks they will get coaching, support and new knowledge about running a startup. The teams consist of mixed competences and this spring there are over 50 people in the Startup Camp.

”We are very excited to see what these teams can create during 15 weeks together with us at Chalmers Ventures. There is clearly great potential in all the teams that qualified for this year’s Startup Camp, ”said Carl Josefsson, Head of Startup Camp at Chalmers Ventures.

More about Startup Camp: www.chalmersventures.com/offer/startup-camp