Månad: november 2018

Brown bag lunch: ‘Protecting what matters’ with Head of NetClean Anna Borgström

fredag, 30 november, 2018

Photo: NetClean Earlier this fall Entrepreneurship. By Chalmers. launched the concept Brown Bag Lunch. This gives you the opportunity to bring your own lunch to Veras Gräsmatta at Chalmers and listen to various interesting speakers every Tuesday between 12:00-12:45. This is an open event, free of charge, bring all your friends and co-workers. Next guest: Anna Borgström, Head […]

Investment-Director Chalmers Ventures WES

Är du vår nästa kollega? Vi söker Investment Director

fredag, 30 november, 2018

Vill du vara med och utveckla framtidens techföretag och morgondagens tillväxtbolag? Vara en del av Nordens ledande inkubator, accelerator och såddfinansiär? Här har du chansen att vara med på en spännande resa som bara har börjat! LADDA NER PDF   OM OSS PÅ CHALMERS VENTURES Chalmers Ventures AB är ett helägt dotterbolag till Chalmers tekniska […]

Nicolas Maxant (CTO Mimbly) framröstad till Årets Tekniklöfte 2018

torsdag, 29 november, 2018

Utdrag från Handelskammaren.  Årets Tekniklöfte delas ut till en person i uppstartsfasen av sin karriär. Utmärkelsen syftar till att uppmärksamma och uppmuntra personen i sitt arbete med förhoppning om att ge en skjuts i sin stora potential. Årets vinnare är Nicolas Maxant, CTO på Mimbly. Nicolas har varit med och utvecklat Mimboxen som bidrar till […]

Vd-assistent chalmers ventures

Vi söker en grym Vd-assistent

torsdag, 29 november, 2018

Läs mer hos  I rollen som VD-assistent fungerar du som stöd till VD och du jobbar nära verksamheten där det ges möjlighet att påverka och bidra till resultat. Du får en central och dynamisk roll som präglas av affärer i en miljö där entreprenörskap blandas med akademin. Rollen som VD-assistent Som VD-assistent arbetar du […]

Amferia – the winners of Acceleration Pitch 2018

onsdag, 28 november, 2018

Today was the premiere of Venture Day at Veras gräsmatta. An event dedicated for the Chalmers Venture’s network, where they can meet and mingle with each other and some of the interesting new companies in the Chalmers Ventures Accelerator-program. With +150 attending guests (sold out) from local startups, universities, industrial partners and investment firms, it […]

Removing toxic mercury from contaminated water

tisdag, 27 november, 2018

Water which has been contaminated with mercury and other toxic heavy metals is a major cause of environmental damage and health problems worldwide. Now, researchers from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, present a totally new way to clean contaminated water, through an electrochemical process. The results are published in the scientific journal Nature Communications – […]

Another BBOXX loan financed by TRINE investors

onsdag, 21 november, 2018

For the fifth time TRINE and their investors have enabled a loan to BBOXX for further distribution of clean and affordable solar home systems – this time to parts of Togo and DRC. How can you contribute? Visit Start by choosing a campaign you like, each campaign is a bit different in terms of […]

Brown Bag Lunch with LumenRadio CEO Alexander Hellström

måndag, 19 november, 2018

Lumen Radio is a growth company that market and sell low-power and ultra-reliable operating systems, radio modules and products for wireless IoT-applications. Lumen Radio’s CEO Alexander Hellström will during this lunch share the story of how the company has gone from being a niched technology company with an advanced wireless lighting control product for professional […]

13 days left to Venture day!

torsdag, 15 november, 2018

Welcome to Chalmers Ventures VENTURE DAY with the Acceleration Pitch of 2018! This is our yearly pitch event where you will be able to hear our exciting startups from our Accelerator program pitch their businesses and mingle with them afterwards. This is the place to meet new tech in 2018! REGISTER here! —————————- Schedule 17:00-17:30: Mingle […]

Brown bag lunch with Digital Marketing expert Max Wimnell!

tisdag, 13 november, 2018

Digital communication and marketing will mean new challenges for most companies. Max will during his session describe the potential and opportunites with digital communication, but also the big challenges companies will face. There is a big discrepancy between what we hear or read about digital transformation in communication and marketing, compared to what real companies […]