EU Masterclass

Tuesday, September 29, 2020 16:00 to 18:00

Veras Gräsmatta, Vera Sandbergs Allé 8

SME instrument, the EIC Accelerator, Eurostars – how do you get your hands on the big EU money?

About this Event

There are a lot of funding options for startups and SME’s withing the EU-system, but a lot of Swedish companies are struggling to take on the bureaucracy of the application process.

We’ve seen that a lot of our companies have been successfull in bringing in EU-funding, which is why we have invited them to share their experiences and practical tips with the rest of the portfolio.

We invite any CV company that wished to learn more about how to go about applying for the different types of EU-funding. The guestlist is restricted due to covid19, so it’s first come first served when it comes to tickeys.

During the event we’ll hear from:

EU SME support

On behalf of Vinnova and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, EU SME Support is working to get more Swedish SMEs to apply for funding from the EU programs Horizon 2020 and Eurostars.

Aqua Robur

Ensuring continued access to clean drinking water is one of the major challenges facing Europe in the future. On March 21, the Swedish company Aqua Robur Technologies receives the European Commission Horizon Prize for Zero Power Water Monitoring, worth EUR 2 million, for its innovative technology to monitor water networks.

Swedish Algae Factory

Swedish Algaefactory AB was granted SEK 17 million from the EU in 2018 for the project SUNALGAE (“Innovative process of enhancing the efficiency of solar panels through the use of algae”). Swedish Algae Factory extracts the shell from a certain type of microscopic algae called diatoms.


Mimbly design and develop innovative solutions aimed to change unsustainable behaviours, with a focus on laundry. They’ve recently been accepted into the prestigeous EIC-Accelerator and been granted funding.


Modvion has been granted SEK 69 million in funding from the EU program EIC Accelerator. The company is developing wind power towers in wood and the money will be used, among other things, to build the first commercial wooden tower. The European Commission emphasizes in particular that Modvion’s technology can help to restart the economy after the corona crisis.