Why are large companies a mess to collaborate with? Make your startup’s voice heard by contacting us!

Help us make your start-up’s future collaboration with large companies easier. We are looking for startups that have experience of previous or ongoing technological collaborations regarding products/services with TRL 0-4 with a significantly larger counterpart. We are currently writing our Master Thesis where we are investigating how the time and complexity from initial contact until the joint development is initiated can be reduced for explorative R&D projects between large companies (MNE) and start-ups. We are taking a wide approach and are looking for success factors, enablers & pain-points throughout the on-boarding process. However, it has been recognized that most collaborations experience a hold up when the Technical Collaboration Agreement (TCA) is to be reviewed and signed. This hold up generally occurs just when the collaboration has gained momentum and traction within both organizations and hence the project poses a risk of losing out on the much-wanted momentum. Therefore, we are especially interested in how and why the interest of the start-up and MNE differ (when it comes to e.g. IP-ownership, allocation, licensing, tech transfer and the view on freedom to operate) and what can be done about it. However, if you have experience of other issues such as scoping the project or getting in touch with the right persons that is of equal interest. Make your startup’s voice heard by contacting us!”