Our customers in the wind power value chain continuously strive to lower the levelized cost of energy (LCOE). Wind power becomes increasingly cost efficient with added height, reaching stronger and more stabile wind. The roads however do not suffice to transport the dimensions that are optimal for today’s tall towers.

Modvion offer a modular tall tower that reaches high altitudes while simplifying transportation. On top off that, Modvion build in a lighter, low cost and renewable material: laminated timber. The result is that the tower constitutes a net reduction of CO2 already from the start and reduces production cost by 40 % and cost of wind energy by 6 %.

Increased yield due to 40 % lower tower cost -> 6 % lowered cost of wind energy.

  • Simplified logistics in inaccessible areas
  • CO2 -neutral wind power from the first kWh (the tower compensates the other manufacturing emissions).
  • Enhanced local acceptance of wind power due to the material
  • Reduced weight