Lumina Adhesives

In 2008 Lumina was founded with the focus set at making a difference in the medical dressing field. The technology come from the Brittish medtech company Smith&Nephew, and it was handed over to Encubator and Chalmers School of Entrepreuneurship. The technology has been further improved, and is now secured by massive IP-protection. Several phases of clinical trials has been performed.

The LUMINA FILM is an innovation. It´s a switchable medical adhesive with strong fixation and at the same time an easy removal. During the dialog with healthcare providers it became clear that a large number of patients fall between the focus areas of existing medical dressing offerings. With the innovative new adhesive used in LUMINA FILM, you can now have the best of two worlds – strong fixation and at the same time an easy and skin friendly removal. Less problems for children, elderly or patients with weak skin. And less problems for the treating nurses.

In the end of 2013 a large investment round was done in the company, and our part of the the company was sold to a private investor in the life science area, Next2B.