Halon Security

Most large email service providers run on their own self-developed platforms; using standard open source tools modified for their needs. We’ve seen such systems become massive, complex collections of programs only partly understood by those who designed them. The result is often high costs for development and maintenance, and risks associated with software updates, modifications and dependences on key personnel. They’ve struggled to find a commercial platform capable of integrating into their environment and supporting their needs.

Halon is a unique MTA developed specifically to address the needs of email service providers. It’s a powerful software platform that performs better in terms of speed and efficiency, while dramatically improving system flexibility. Halon lowers TCO for typical large email infrastructure up to 70%, freeing resources for other revenue-generating projects by removing complexity and administration overhead. It has an immediate bottom-line impact with a almost immediate payback. Halon also lets customers provide much richer and more competitive email services, cutting time to market from months to days.