Floor it.

When you have verified some of your hypothesis regarding market, potential and technology you can apply for the Accelerator program. In this nail phase you will work towards fully validating the customers and reaching product/market fit.

Successful iteration should result in a repeatable and scalable business model. It is only after achieving product/market fit that substantial effort should be spent on marketing and demand creation to avoid premature scaling.

Chalmers Ventures will, together with external mentors and coaches, help you with the process and to fine tune your business model to minimize time to market and resource needs.

In many cases, financing is necessary for developing your company. We can help you with your roadmap with different forms of early financing; soft financing, grants, early stage equity and more. In some cases we have the opportunity to invest in your company ourselves.

For more information, please contact one of our business coaches.

What’s included?

You will get a dedicated business coach that will meet you every week, and of course you can utilize all our business coaches in order to gain access to vast experience in different industries and roles.