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Chalmers Ventures has several options depending on which part you wish to play. If you have a team and an idea, you can apply for Startup Camp. If you have an idea but don’t want to run the business yourself, apply to Encubation.

The Accelerator and Scale programs will make your company ready to go to market and expand. 

 If you are a researcher at Chalmers, you can enter the Tech Transfer program. We can also help you with holding patents. Below you can read all about our programs and what we can do for you. 

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Your technology can create impact.

Have you made an intriguing discovery, invented new technology, or found exciting research results? Do you want to explore its potential to create value for others? 

The Encubation program is a chance for you to be teamed up with talented entrepreneurs from Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship, dedicated to turn your technology based business idea into a startup venture.

Technology + Entrepreneurs + Chalmers Ventures
We have 15+ years of experience of bringing innovators and entrepreneurs together with the aim to create new growth companies. Every year we search for new technologies or research results from a variation of innovators, spanning from academic researchers to multinational corporations. So far 70+ companies have been created through the program, read about some of them here.

Criteria to get accepted:

  • Owner of technology (invention, data set, model, method, software, design), IP or know-how
  • Innovative/Unique edge (new technology or new application area)
  • Global market potential

Interested? Get in touch with us or send us a notice of interest straight away.

Startup Camp

Start a business and create an impact in the world.

We want you! 

Are you the ones we are looking for? We are looking for strong teams with challenging tech ideas that has the possibility to disrupt the market and raise the bar.

We believe in teams, a startup is a team effort. We look for persistent and determined visionaries, people that can develop the technology and persons that can do the business. We see that you have at least two of these in your team.

Prior to Startup Camp there will be four seminars about the Lean Startup methodology that is open for anyone to attend. We highly recommend you to attend these seminars in order to kick start your startup and get the most out of Startup Camp. 



What is a Startup Camp?

During 10 weeks, you will get inspiration, individual coaching and professional feedback, etc. Together with other amazing people you will have a lot of fun as well as starting the growth companies of tomorrow. 

We don’t expect you to build a scalable business model in 10 weeks (but we actually have alumni’s that did) but we want you to set a solid foundation. The first step is to validate the Problem Solution fit, i.e. that you have found a customer problem that is a real pain and that you have a relevant solution for it.

Prior to Startup Camp  there will be four seminars about the Lean Startup methodology. We highly recommend you to attend these seminars in order to kick start your startup and get the most out of Startup Camp. 

Our ambition is that you during the camp will: 
• Validate the customer/user need
• Identify (build) and verify the Minimum Viable Product
• Become ready to join our accelerator program
• Create a crisp pitch to communicate your startup

During 10 intense weeks, you will get:
• Inspirational seminars from serial entrepreneurs
• Weekly group coaching and feedback sessions
• Feedback and networking events with industry professionals etc
• Free office space 24/7
• A dedicated business coach 
• Pitch opportunity at the Demo Day

The program is ”class-based” meaning that the majority of the sessions are held with all the teams, normally during Wednesdays 13.00-17.00. All sessions are held in English and should be considered as mandatory.
The best teams will be offered an investment opportunity (up to 300 KSEK) from Chalmers Ventures and potentially other investors. 

Criteria to apply:
• An identified problem you want to solve, an idea of the solution and the resources to move forward. 
• A team consisting of at least 2 persons.
• Participating at the Lean Startup seminars  is desirable.

Welcome to our family!

If you have any questions, please contact me:


Carl Josefsson
Head of Startup Camp



Ta nästa steg med hjälp av ett av världens 10 bäst rankade acceleratorprogram. 

Har du frågor?
Kontakta Louise Brudö på louise@chalmersventures.com. Louise är affärscoach & ansvarig för Acceleratorn.


En resa från verifierad affärsidé till genomarbetad affär med tillväxtpotential inom 18 månader.

Du får tillgång till en dedikerad affärscoach som i tätt samarbete coachar dig i processen att utveckla affärsmodellen, dess skalbarhet och lönsamhet.

Tillgång och en del av Chalmers Ventures Community, ett stort nätverk av fantastiska entreprenörer.

300 000 SEK i försåddsinvestering.  Mer om villkoren finner du längre ned på sidan.




Du ska ha verifierat din hypotes, din potential och i vissa fall även din prototyp så du har någon form av validering att du är på rätt väg. Då är det dags att söka till vår Accelerator.


Förutom möjlighet att ansöka om försåddsinvestering på 300 000 SEK erbjuder vi ett nätverk av dedikerade coacher som coachar dig att utveckla och finjustera affärsmodellen samt gör dig redo att  accelerera din verksamhet. 


Du ansöker via Ansök nu. Därefter sker en screeningprocess och de som är med i första urvalet kallas till en en första intervju. De som väljs ut därefter bjuds in till att presentera sin affärsidé och team på ett intagsmöte. Beslut om du beviljats en plats i Acceleratorn och försåddsmedel fås  som regel ca en vecka efter presentationen. 


Du eller ditt bolag behöver inte ha koppling till Chalmers för att ansöka eller vara del i våra erbjudande. Däremot är det viktigt att ditt bolag har någon form av unikitet, potential och teknisk bas. Chalmers Ventures har funnits i +15 år och hjälpt mängder av bolag accelerera till framgång.


Skicka in din intresseanmälan

Ansökning till Acceleratorn är stängd och öppnar igen under våren 2018. Du är välkommen att skicka in din intresseanmälan för vårt kommande intag.


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Technology transfer

Yours. Theirs. Ours.

Are you a researcher who wants to take an active role in the commercialization process of your research results? We finance patent applications and give expert advice and support as a partner in commercialization of exciting early stage research.

Together we explore questions around ownership, patent/IP, customers and agreements. The outcome of going into this process with us is usually a startup company, licensing agreement, R&D collaborations, commissioned research or a termination of the commercialization process.

Startup Camp