Master’s thesis opportunity at Spira Energy

Are you interested in innovation and revolutionizing technology? Are you inspired by strategic questions and the process of taking a new technology to market? 

This is an opportunity to work on an innovative idea with great potential, to commercialize an invention with global impact. You will join the movement of a small firm at the point of commercialization. You will explore and develop your entrepreneurial spirit and your strategic mindset. You will be a treated as a valued asset in the process of taking the product to market. 

A cost efficient compressed air energy storage could mean that the world completely could be powered be varying renewable energy such as sun and wind. Therefore, there is a great potential in improving the efficiency of compressed air energy storage. Spira Energy has developed a small-scale installation where an exceptional high round trip efficiency has been measured. We are now set on a mission to commercialize it. 

Short description of the company and the technology: Spira Energy AB is a small Swedish firm with its center of development here at Chalmers. We are a fast-moving startup with a great competitive advantage. Our technical solution has shown exceptionally high efficiency compared to prior existing technologies. Compressed air energy storage is just one application of the solution. Spira Energy has a tested prototype and a granted patent. The company has support from Chalmers Ventures and Chalmers University of Technology. We are currently designing our first customer installation that will be installed in 2018. We are planning to accelerate the business in 2019 and 2020. 

Since you study at Chalmers, it might be interesting to know that we are currently establishing an office at Stena Center (Chalmers campus Johanneberg). 

Aim of master thesis: Spira Energy is presented with more opportunities than we have time to act on. We are constantly working to refine and develop our business model. We believe in the importance of having fun on the job, therefore we’d like to consider your personal interest before setting the framework for your project. 

Our proposal for the thesis is to focus on go-to-market strategy. The challenge is to find the most successful path to commercialization. The project would involve investigating the elements of customer development, segmentation, targeting, positioning, etc., with the purpose of further validating product-market fit and create a strategy on how to scale customer creation. You will work in collaboration with the inventor and business developers at Spira Energy to develop the business model. 

This was a scratch on the surface. The innovation of Spira has potential to solve several global problems. We believe that we can transform the market of compressed air production, as well as several other markets. A lot will be decided in the next 6-12 months. 

Do you want to be a part of this!? Do not hesitate to contact us! 

Theo Wiman Ohlson
Business Developer
+46 733 400 863