Isabella Palmgren, CEO and co-founder of Mimbly, interviewed by Nordic Business Insider

Mimbly, founded in 2017, has set out on a mission – to change the way water is consumed today. The company develops innovative products for the household that directly tackle water scarcityHousehold water consumption has a tremendous effect on the world’s overall freshwater resources. In the western world each household consumes 950 litres of water per day. Accounting to 10% of the total freshwater resources, which account to 978 trillion liters of water per year.

Last year, Mimbly became the only Swedish startup to grab a spot in Ikea’s accelerator program. Nordic Business Insider sat down with Isabella Palmgren, the company’s CEO and co-founder, to discuss what it is like inside IKEA’s world-famous accelerator program and the mission to revolutionize household water usage.

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