Francesco Gatto, CSO at Elypta, made the MIT Technology Review’s 35 Innovators under 35

Francesco is a co-founder and the Chief Scientific Officer at Elypta. He holds a Ph.D. in Systems Biology from Chalmers University of Technology and a M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Padova. He has spent 5 years modeling cancer metabolism, using genome-scale metabolic networks and -omics data mining at Chalmers as well as a visiting scholar at University of California, San Diego. Francesco is the lead author in 6 research papers between 2014-2016 and was cited 120+ times in that period. His research led him to the invention of Elypta’s diagnostic method.

MIT technology Review, Innovators under 35-list

Francesco Gatto’s aim is to detect tumours as early as possible and follow them from very early stages, when the treatments available may be more effective. Thanks to his work, Gatto has become one of the winners of Innovators Under 35 Europe 2018 from MIT Technology Review. Innovators Under 35 is an annual list that recognizes outstanding innovators who are younger than 35. The awards span a wide range of fields, including biotechnology, materials, computer hardware, energy, transportation, communications, and the Internet.

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