Equilab expands to the US

With more than 350 000 acquired users in less than three years, riding app Equilab is growing quicker than ever before. The gothenburg-based company now sets its target on the largest equestrian market in the world – the US – where there are an estimated two million horse owners and seven million horse riders.

How it works

Equilab has so far made it possible for riders to deepen the connection with their horse by making hidden information about their training visible. By using Equilab you get a detailed summary of every hoofbeat your horse has taken. Use it as the powerful insight it is; to become better, to notice differences, reach goals and have full control over your training pattern which you can share with your team.

In an interview with Forbes, CEO & Co-founder Adam Torkelsson shares his view on the company’s technical unique selling point: ”We were the first integrated riding app to provide a tracking tool.”

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Equilab is a portfolio company to Chalmers Ventures