Epishine and Swedish Algae Factory granted scolarships of 400 000 SEK

Today Swedens 10 most innovative entrepreneurs were presented with Åforsk entrepreneurs scolarship of 200 000 sek. Among the recepients were to Chalmers Ventures projects; Epishine and Swedish Algae Factory.

The scolarship is made in partnership with SISP – Swedish Incubators & Science Parks.  The goal for ÅForsk is to work in favour of research and development within areas as energy, environment, sustainability, security, infrastructure and produce from renewable sources. This year over 100 qualified applications were received.  

Angela Wulff, professor in marine biology and R&D Manager at Swedish Algae Factory, and Emma Woxlin of Epishine is present at todays award ceremony.


Emma Woxlin, co-founder Epishine, 070-811 37 87, emma@epishine.se

Angela Wulff, R&D Swedish Algae Factory, 070-883 69 54, angela.wulff@bioenv.gu.se