Cleantech matchmaking day during #gbgtechweek

Chalmers Ventures had the privilege to co-host Cleantech matchmaking day during #gbgtechweek in the end of may.

Cleantech matchmaking day is the event where big meets small, corporates meet startups. A merge of big companies met and mingled with 40-50 startups on this day, tried to find new, exciting opportunities for establishing partnerships or collaborations. Since “innovate or die” is all the rage right now, which emphasizes the need for corporates to stay innovative, we believe this event and the startups can aid in this mission. Because of this, Cleantech matchmaking day was planned a little bit differently – where the startups were put in control – putting the corporates on stage letting them pitch why startups should partner up with them. Once all the big companies have finished their presentation, there was a vote on the “best innovation partner”. The pitch event was followed by a speed-dating session, where the participating startups got to pick what companies to talk to in the afternoon.

Sahlgrenska Science Park just published a movie capturing the event on the 24th of may. Make sure to check it out here!