Brown bag lunch blockchain-expert Peter Altmann

A decade following its launch, blockchain remains an oft-acclaimed yet scarcely used technology. During this seminar, we explore possible avenues for addressing the gap between the technology’s disruptive potential and its current (under)utilization.

We first compare blockchain technology with other technologies focused on data sharing and data driven coordination. Specifically, we focus on the novel ability of blockchains to enable a network of actors to reach consensus around a data state without relying on central coordinators. We then map the start-ups and their value offerings based on this peer-to-peer consensus model, explore how large firms have approached blockchains, and map the emerging value logic landscape. Here, we look both at suitable and unsuitable, at times even unscrupulous, use cases.

As a final part, we look at some aids and tools for generating technically and commercially feasible and disruptive blockchain based value offerings. We finish the seminar with a discussion on the challenges entrepreneurial firms may face when attempting to create such disruptive blockchain powered ventures.

Peter Altmann is a researcher in digital innovation at RISE Swedish ICT. He also works as a part time event speaker, workshop organizer, and consultant aiming to help decision makers assess the technical and commercial feasibility of different blockchain and distributed ledger solutions.

Event details

  • Veras Gräsmatta, Vera Sandbergs allé 8, Gothenburg (map)
  • Tuesday, 6th Nov 2018
  • Time: 12:00 – 12:45
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