Aqua Robur in Göteborgsposten

Aqua Robur Technologies develops a technology, which measures and collects data in order to find leakages and deficient water quality in public water pipelines. Currently, 20-25% of the fresh water produced is lost due to leakages in public pipelines. Billions of Euros are wasted each year in Europe.

The technology brings a new level of autonomy thanks the integrated hydro-based power supply and the wireless, state-of-art LoRa communication functionality. Decentralized measurement is gaining increased recognition in the industry in order to fight leakages and deficient water quality in real time. Aqua Robur’s ambition is to boost the mass adoption of sensors in the network.

Aqua Robur’s two co-founders Niklas Johansson and Martin Holm were yesterday interviewed by Göteborgsposten – who wrote a full length article about the company. Read the full article here (swedish).