Another BBOXX loan financed by TRINE investors

For the fifth time TRINE and their investors have enabled a loan to BBOXX for further distribution of clean and affordable solar home systems – this time to parts of Togo and DRC.

How can you contribute?

Visit Start by choosing a campaign you like, each campaign is a bit different in terms of impact, location, size and risk. You decide how much to invest from €25 minimum to whatever is left to fully fund the campaign.

Transfer your money into your e-wallet, where it will be held until the campaign becomes fully funded. Once a campaign is fully funded your investment becomes part of a loan to our Solar Partner. If the campaign is not fully funded your money stays in your E-Wallet for you to withdraw or reinvest.

The solar products are sold and distributed by TRINE’s Solar Partner. Customers have access to clean and affordable energy, up to 50% cheaper than current energy sources. They pay the Solar Partner for their electricity in continual micro-payments.

If the Solar Partner manages to repay the loan you will receive your investment and interest in return, corresponding to how much you invested. You are repaid on an ongoing basis during the duration of the campaign. Your repayments will go to your E-Wallet where you can choose to withdraw the funds or reinvest in another campaign.

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Visit or TRINE on facebook to learn more about their dedicated journey towards a world where all people have access to clean energy. 

TRINE is a portfolio company to Chalmers Ventures