Amferia – the winners of Acceleration Pitch 2018

Today was the premiere of Venture Day at Veras gräsmatta. An event dedicated for the Chalmers Venture’s network, where they can meet and mingle with each other and some of the interesting new companies in the Chalmers Ventures Accelerator-program. With +150 attending guests (sold out) from local startups, universities, industrial partners and investment firms, it is fair to say, the event was an instant success.

The Acceleration Pitch

As if great food, drinks and networking wasn’t enough, perhaps the most interesting part of the program was the Acceleration Pitch. The Acceleration Pitch is a new annual pitch competition in which the companies in our Accelerator-program pitch and showcase their business and compete to win 50 000 kr to use for an entrepreneurial learning experience. The seven companies competing for this year’s prize were:

  • Evispot
  • Hyperion
  • Amferia
  • Guinea Pig Health
  • Dialog Trail
  • Nanvio
  • RideQ

And the winner is… Amferia

The experienced jury finally decided to give the award for the best pitch to Amferia. Amferia is a startup company that aims to market new medical devices with emphasis on antibacterial products. One of the core focus of Amferia is preventive healthcare where the goal is to develop materials that can efficiently prevent bacterial infections when used as medical devices, for example within wound care or injectable fillers.
Amferia is a spin-off from research performed in Professor Martin Andersson’s group at Chalmers University of Technology.


More info will follow