Additional investment in Sportlala sparks re-launch

Chalmers Ventures has made an additional investment in Sportlala (formerly known as in a round of 6 MSEK in total. offers sport and outdoor products in time-limited campaigns. They started developing the service in 2013 with a re-lauch under the new name in November 2015. The company currently employ four people full time and three half time.

The new investment money is for expansion purposes. During 2015 we hade pretty much no capital for marketing, we could only develop the service and improve the backend, says CEO and co-founder Viktor Sellman. But it was time to benefit from high sign-up and customer satisfaction rates.

Sportlala now steps it up, with new launch of tecnical platform, increased marketing and a change of name. Suppliers can send a list of products they want to sell through Sportlala, and a few hour later, the products are live. From having around 10 active offers on the website they now have between 20 and 30, plus an express delivery section with even more sales. For many brands, Sportlala has become the exclusive channel for ventilating overstocked products, as they have realised that it’s a much better way to sell off inventory than going to border shops or physical outlets who often undermine the brand.

In the near future, Sportlala plans to becomethe first choice for sport brands in the Nordic to sell overstocked products. Then we will go outside the Nordic and are looking at different markets, nothing is decided yet, says Viktor Sellman.