13 days left to Venture day!

torsdag, 15 november, 2018

Welcome to Chalmers Ventures VENTURE DAY with the Acceleration Pitch of 2018! This is our yearly pitch event where you will be able to hear our exciting startups from our Accelerator program pitch their businesses and mingle with them afterwards. This is the place to meet new tech in 2018! REGISTER here! —————————- Schedule 17:00-17:30: Mingle […]

Brown bag lunch with Digital Marketing expert Max Wimnell!

tisdag, 13 november, 2018

Digital communication and marketing will mean new challenges for most companies. Max will during his session describe the potential and opportunites with digital communication, but also the big challenges companies will face. There is a big discrepancy between what we hear or read about digital transformation in communication and marketing, compared to what real companies […]


Linnéa Lindau, vd Chalmers Ventures, i topp på GUV Powerlist 100

måndag, 12 november, 2018

GUV Powerlist 100 listar varje år världens 100 mest inflytelserika ledare inom universitetsanknutna venture-fonder. Årets lista offentliggjordes under den internationella konferensen, Global University Venture Summit, Houston USA. I årets upplaga lyftes Linnéa Lindau, vd, Chalmers Ventures, in på plats 19. – Vi har ett fantastiskt team på Chalmers Ventures, säger Linnéa Lindau, vd, Chalmers Ventures. Detta är ett bevis på […]

Francesco Gatto, CSO at Elypta, made the MIT Technology Review’s 35 Innovators under 35

torsdag, 8 november, 2018

Francesco is a co-founder and the Chief Scientific Officer at Elypta. He holds a Ph.D. in Systems Biology from Chalmers University of Technology and a M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Padova. He has spent 5 years modeling cancer metabolism, using genome-scale metabolic networks and -omics data mining at Chalmers as well as […]

Do you have a business idea? Make sure to visit our Open Coaching!

tisdag, 6 november, 2018

We love entrepreneurs and innovative tech ideas. We often get the question of how ideas or startups can access any of our programs. It is also common that entrepreneurs are in need of someone to bounce ideas on and ask a couple of questions. That is the reason why we are now kick starting our […]

Startupen Ophena lanserar världens första magnetiska säkerhetsstigbygel

tisdag, 6 november, 2018

Pressrelease Många ryttares rädsla är att falla eller tappa greppet under ritt. Nu siktar startupen Ophena att ta en marknadsledande plats inom säkerhet för ryttare och släpper världens första magnetiska säkerhetsstigbygel. -Idag finns det olika varianter av säkerhetsstigbyglar på marknaden som vi menar inte ger tillräcklig trygghet för ryttaren, säger Anton Fast, medgrundare till Ophena. […]

Brown bag lunch blockchain-expert Peter Altmann

måndag, 5 november, 2018

A decade following its launch, blockchain remains an oft-acclaimed yet scarcely used technology. During this seminar, we explore possible avenues for addressing the gap between the technology’s disruptive potential and its current (under)utilization. We first compare blockchain technology with other technologies focused on data sharing and data driven coordination. Specifically, we focus on the novel […]


Evispot helps Ativo take smarter decisions

torsdag, 1 november, 2018

A groundbreaking platform specialized for credit assessment Evispot’s platform is built to make accurate credit decisions tailored after your unique customer segments within a second. The platform uses artificial intelligence (AI). This means that our models learn to find hidden rules, relationships and patterns from historical data, which are too complex for a human and […]

Venture Day 2018!

onsdag, 31 oktober, 2018

Welcome to Chalmers Ventures VENTURE DAY with the Acceleration Pitch 2018. This is our yearly pitch event where you will be able to hear our exciting startups from our Accelerator program. REGISTER! Schedule 17:00-17:30: Mingle and opportunity to meet our startups. 17:30-18.30: Pitch competition 18:30-19:00: Time for more meetings and possibility for investors to meet our […]

Simplex Motion accelererar framåt!

tisdag, 30 oktober, 2018

Simplex Motion grundades 2013 när ingenjören Johan Linder tog sin innovation – en patenterad elektrisk servomotor – till Chalmers Entreprenörsskola. Innovationen, som 2016 tilldelades priset ”Årets Innovation” av Inissions och Preva – har flera fördelar, däribland att den är betydligt mindre och även starkare än konventionella stegmotorer. I veckan besökte Metal Supply bolagets lokaler i Stena […]

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