Morning boost with Kjell Vowles and Kristoffer Ekberg. CLIMATE CHANGE: KNOWLEDGE AND DENIAL FROM THE 1970S UNTIL TODAY

Tuesday, November 26, 2019 08:00 to 09:00

Veras Gräsmatta, Vera Sandbergs Allé 8

On the 26th of November we have invited Kjell Vowles and Kristoffer Ekberg. Kjell is a PhD-student within the CEFORCED-project and Kristoffer is a historian focusing on environmental history, political history and social movements.

Since the early 1970s, climate change knowledge has been a part of environmental politics and present in political and industrial debates. As the scientific knowledge became sounder and more reliable during the 1980s, industries and other actors mobilized to counter the evidence in order to prevent forceful policies.

Today the science is more than convincing and yet climate change denial is present in large groups, not least within conservative and right-wing populist quarters. In the project “Why is not climate science taken for real? Studies of climate change denialism”, we study both the histories of climate change knowledge and the organized attempts to counter this knowledge and hinder mitigating actions in Swedish society.

About Kjell and Kristoffer:

”Kjell Vowles is a PhD-student within the CEFORCED-project. He has a background as climate change-journalist and political scientist, and while at the division of Science, Technology and Society he will research how climate change denialism, especially in combination with nationalism and radical right-thinking, delays the transition towards a society that exists within the planetary boundaries.”

”Kristoffer Ekberg is a historian focusing on environmental history, political history and social movements. His research explores what kind of knowledge about climate change that has historically existed within industry, the scientific community and the political sphere. The aim is to map out the dissemination of knowledge in Sweden and to give a better understanding of how new issues enter, or are secluded, from policy.”

We will be serving a light breakfast and coffee/tea. The door opens at 8.00, talk will begin at 8.15.


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