Deadline application to Venture Cup Startup

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

More than 30 000 entrepreneurs have competed in Venture Cup over the years, and now it’s your chance. Initiate your entrepreneurial career with the help from Venture Cup Startup!

STARTUP is a competition designed for business ideas from upcoming startups in Sweden. Ideas that have revenues exceeding 1 000 000 SEK is therefore not allowed in this competition. Venture Cup STARTUP targets new startups with verified business ideas, scalability, and great growth potential.

How do I compete?

To participate you need to present your startup by using a pitch deck of maximum 20 slides wich needs to contain our 12 topics, see our guide. The pitchdeck can only be seen by our Jury and Network who have all signed confidentiality agreements. Additional to the pitchdeck, you can add a presentation of maximum 2 000 words and a 10 minutes long video. The information you post here will be visible for all, and we, therefore, recommend you to take the opportunity to attract potential customers and spread the word about your startup.


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