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Win €250,000 – for Startups in Sound and Home Integration

2015-10-23 12:44 by Claus Strand Kristensen

What do you get?

• The opportunity to win €250,000
• 6 months of business development
• EUR 30,000 in seed financing
• Access to Bang & Olufsen a/s acoustic specialists and facilities
• No equity taken
• Free office space in Nupark, Holstebro, Denmark
• A Founders pack with resources and tools worth EUR 50,000+

Apply now or get more info:

Coder for GameReality

2015-10-21 21:31 by Magnus Ivarsson

We develop a telerobotic game so that internet gamers can play by remote control of a real wireless camera robot that is equipped with paintball and laser tag weapons with laser aim systems and so on. But we need more interested people who want to help us develop our system.
We now work on the development of an android app called CellBots.
If you think you can handle the code and you like robots and computer games, let us hear from you and just chat/email/phone on what we can do together.
Do you want to develope this as an exam system you can find us here.

Nordic cleantech open

2015-10-20 07:44 by Nordic cleantech open

For those who go through to the top 25 the competition really will deliverer. Examples are profiling of the company as one of the 25 top cleantech solutions in the Nordics, free access and pitch slots to different meetings, industry matching, international outreach events and other events that will help your business.

Innovation challenge on Intelligent Energy Management

2015-10-15 10:16 by SISP

The Swedish Energy Agency has launched a global innovation challenge to find intelligent energy management solutions. The main purpose of the challenge is to find solutions that manage the energy infrastructure of a building with the objective to increase the self-consumption of solar energy produced in a building.
For more information please visit:

SEO partner to Sportresebyrån

2015-10-15 09:33 by Dan Wiik

We are looking for an SEO partner with good copywriters-skills and genuine interest in sports. My ambition is ownerships, but is open to other solutions.

Are you the innovation talent of today?

2015-10-14 14:37 by Stina

Nominate for Innovationstalangerna:

Green Tech Challenge

2015-10-14 14:33 by Stina

A rapid growth program for small and medium sized companies in November 2015, Copenhagen. Together we can create a greener and richer planet! Apply here:

Apply for Springfield Project

2015-10-13 13:20 by The Springfield Project

Springfield Project is now accepting applications for this fall. It is an advantage to apply as early as possible. They invest in batches of 10 companies at the time. Each company selected will be provided with a first seed-round of up to 0,5 MSEK. In a second step the most promising entrepreneurs will be offered an a-round investment in the range of 2 to 10 MSEK and will join the prolonged 12-month program.