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Want to be a part of the micro-mobility revolution?


After several years of developing the Quicab cycletaxi attachment for the Velove Armadillo cargobike, we are hoping to expand our team with passionate people who want to be a part of the micro-mobility revolution. Haven’t seen the Quicab? Have a look here: We’ve got a small start-up going. We’ve got happy customers like MTR Express and We’ve got a bit of funding from Vinnova. We’ve got exciting plans with important players in Göteborg. But now we need you! Who are we looking for? We are primarily looking for a business developer who is psyched to have the chance to develop new mobility solutions in Göteborg with partners and customers. Your Swedish is excellent as well as your skill in understanding our customers’ needs and developing the solution. What do we offer? For your time and effort we offer you a good piece of the pie. As we can’t offer you a salary (yet), we want you to have a part of the company that you are building. So! If you’d like be part of the exciting micro-mobility revolution here in Göteborg, have the opportunity to work a few hours a week and would like to own a part of our company – get in touch with Eric!